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Dentex came to us with a project vision of a internal members area that would unite and centralize articles, news, departments and contact information. They are a Dental firm that is growing at a really fast rate and having a central area where their practices can get information would save the business time, money and connect the teams nationwide.

Initially there were some security challenges as Dentex required no sign ups to this area – instead it was to only authorise users that are registered in their Microsoft Azure system. Combine that with the requirement to easy log into other third party applications that the team use and you soon have the makings of a single sign on process.

The entire project has been ongoing over the course of the year and a planned phase 2 of this project is currently planned.

What have we delivered

– Create a Centralized Hub
– Import Team Contact Details (both internal and for partners)
– Create Advanced Map of Practices
– Build a news / articles section
– Create a historic Archive area for all posts
– Departmental Information Directory
– Events Area
– FAQ section
– Single Sign On
– Compliance & File Security
– Hosting Transfer Process
– SSL Certificates

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