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We first started working with the University Of Cumbria in 2016 where we started on a number of Virtual Tours for the campus in Carlisle. Since then, our work has excelled and we now host almost 100 virtual tours for the university.

The University wanted to find a way to showcase their university further afield both nationally and internationally to try and increase student engagement and enrollement with the university. The virtual tours enabled students to see facilities, classrooms and accomodation in the Lancaster, Ambleside and Carlisle campuses.

Adding a Virtual Tour not only enabled students to view the university remotely, but they can also walk through the university in a virtual reality experience. With proven results of being over 300% more engaging than traditional media.One example case use would be a student living in Japan, looking to study in Cumbria as a foreign student, could see the facilities and explore what the university has to offer, all from the comfort of their home in Japan. This level of accessibility is a driving factor in engagement levels and the University has seen some success here.

Whilst on site, we produced over 1000 pictures in 360 degrees allowing the University to use for their marketing content in future projects too.

What have we delivered

– Dozens of Virtual Tours
– Virtual Reality Experiences for 4x Campuses in Cumbria
– 360 Degree Photography
– 3D Grpahical Rendering
– 2D Schematic Floorplans

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