This page is designed to showcase the virtual tours we can create. Using a case study of when we worked with the University Of Cumbria, we are able to demonstrate that you can visit places virtually using the technology that is available to us today. These virtual tours are designed to help showcase the facitilies of the campus and we always reccommed that you should visit the campus if you are planning to take up studies there. You can see a list of open days for Cumbria University here:


In 2019 we were contracted to create a number of virutal tours for the university of Cumbria, specifically around their Ambleside campus. In total accross all 4 of their sites, we created 46 virtual tours to help showcase the facilities that they have available for students. From a personal perspective, it was great to explore and see how the university works whilst at the same time I was able to get a better understanding of the unique skillsets and education that each campus provides. Each campus is different, catering for different course and students from accross the globe. It has an enourmous reach and the goal is to use the virtual tours to boost student attraction and engagement.

The Ambleside Campus is ideally situated in the Lake District National Park which allows the campus to uniquely place its courses around the outdoors and when we visited, it was great to see so many lessons and groups learning outside of traditional classrooms. For those who love the outdoors, Ambleside is the place for you. Be sure to check out this link which has an amazing video advertising more on why you should choose Ambleside as your place to study.

For now: This blog / article offers some snippet insights into the accomodation and facitilities at the campus. Thank you for reading our post.

Cumbria University Ambleside

Cumbria University Ambleside

Cumbria University Ambleside

Cumbria University – Ambleside Accomodation

Just accross road from the university we were able to explore the accomodation that is available to students. As you can imaging these are shared areas with communical access, along with fun things to do. Below is the entrance and lounge area to one of the student halls. Take your time to explore our virtual tour.



High Quality Accomodation

There are a few different levels of accomodation at the University Of Cumbria – Ambleside. We explored a couple of these, but we would stay at either. Whilst your accomodation would depend on what you can afford, you will see

Accomodation Types

You will notice there is not a lot of differences between the two types of accomodation that we saw and were able to capture as 3D Virtual Tours. Both offer a decent standard of accomodation for you to have a base whilst away for your studies.

Standard Accomodation

Higher End Accomodation


Shared Kitchen

As with a lot of student accomodation around the country, in the areas we had access to, the kitchens were shared community areas, again to a good standard with plenty of space.




Here are a few photographs that we have extracted from our virtual tours. If you woul like to know more about our content and media creation services including virtual tours, please follow this link


If you would like to know more about the Ambleside Campus and its facilities, courses and accomodation. You should visit the Cumbria Universtiy website :


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