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What is Digital Made Simple?

“Digital Made Simple” is our campaign to introduce digital knowledge to local and small businesses. The digital world is advancing at a quicker pace than local and small business owners can keep track of – so we formed a page with dozens of blog posts so that people can follow the basics and get a better understanding of what todays digital services are. 
Often as a Digital Marketing Agency, we will talk to clients about their SEO for one example… This is often confronted with a look of “what are they talking aboout”? Thats usually our first hurdle to overcome, then trying to define this work into sub categories, such as link building, keyword research or competitor analysis? It doesnt take long before the client becomes overwhelmed.

As a digital marketing agency, our goal is to not only get our own clients, but to help support your business individual learnings. We are always developing new ways to help our local and smaller businesses. We produced start up packages to help as an all-round get your business started solution, with advanced packages that move your business forward and grows with your business. We also create online learning sessions for our clients to learn as they go, or alternativley face to face lessons with our own accreditation at the end.
In short, we provide your business the skills and understanding of how to do well in digital. 

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We can help you with a whole range of subjects. Dont be afraid to ask for our assistance. Its what we are there for.

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Does Digital Made Simple Costs?

Nope! Its 100% free and we aim to deliver new content to our blog readers every week. The amount of new content varies depending on our teams availability.

You mention Start Up Packages, where can I find these?

On our home page: Simely select the option “packages” and you will always see our latest packages. Or follow this link below to go directly to the page.

What coaching can we provide your team?

Our coaching is currently tailor made to your needs. Everyone and every business is at a different level. There is no one solution that fits your requirements. Our team will create a training package and work with your team to upskill and increase their understanding of digital marketing techniques. We also show you how to implement these techniques and offer a checking service should your business want that extra reassurance that your team are doing things right.

Generally we typically see our clients asking for help with their Digital Marketing in the following subjects: Website Deisgn, Social Media & Search Engine Optimisation.