MSP’s charge different rates around the country

As an early adoptor for Matterport as a MSP (matterport service provider) we used to struggle to measure our pricing for Virtual Tours. In the beging this technology was new and we needed to understand the benefits that the service offered our clients. Over time, virtual tours have become a vital part of our business and offer a great advantage to those who can find a case use for these in their every day marketing. We needed to build a pricing model that would suit our main markets of estate agents, as well as a pricing structure to suit our larger commercial clients too. With hundreds of tours completed using Matterport, we decided to write this article so that everyone can understand our pricing model and the costings involved in this sector.

Buying our first Matterport Camera

We were a small business when we first started to follow and research Matterport and its technology. We were blown away with the capabilities and the experience that Matterport offered. After researching and making the buying decision, we purchased our first camera (Matterport Pro) at £5500. This did include the costings for tripod, carry case and accessories. But there was also the charge for an ipad required to operate this, which at the time we purchased for just under £1000. All in all, our initial outlay was £6500 plus the cost of shipping the camera from the US. 20-30 days later, we were up and runing and have never looked back. However things have changed since then.

These days, the cameras are a lot cheaper. Matterport Pro 2 is just £2500.00 and you can also purchase in the UK, at the same time, Ipads are stronger and cheaper. So the intial investment into the market is significantly cheaper. Whislt this is a little frustrating, it shows the shift in the industry and how far the technology has advanced over recent years. To give you a idea on technology change, the Matterport Pro which we first purchased was either 12 or 16mp (sorry we forget) with the newer Pro 2 offering image quality of 150mb+ . Matterport also recently expanded its platform to external devices allowing strategic partnerships with other companies in the industry. Now you can use other cameras with the matterport platform such as: OneXRicoh Theta Z1Ricoh Theta VLeicaBLK360.

Watch out for the hidden costs but not from matterport

Matterport offers a open and clear price structure, which is easy for anyone to see. This can be found online easy enough, but that hasnt always been the case. Not so long ago, Matterport was under a lot of pressures due to the hidden costs and constant price changes. This massively effected the MSP community.

There are additional charges everywhere such as Google Street Map intergration, Schematic Floor Plans and 3D Data modelling that can cost a pretty penny over time. Many of these charges are either included in your package from a MSP near you or offered as an additional extra. We charge as additions allowing us to provide a clear pricing structure to our clients, but there are still MSP’s in the UK that combine all these charges as one single package. If you use one of these, just be sure to understand what your getting in your pack before you agree or commit to the job.

How much do we charge for Matterport Virtual Tours?

We confirmed how much Matterport costs to be get into the industry, but what about if you are trying to find out how much does matterport cost from a client point of view?
Residential / Estate agent tours start from 0.07pence per square foot to 0.10pence, with a monthly hosting fee of £7.99 per tour which can be cancelled at anytime once the property is sold or rented and the tour is no longer required.
For commercial tours, these are typically larger more complex projects and start from 0.10 pence per square foot to 0.17 pence. Again, these also have a monthly hosting charge of £7.99 per tour. 2D Black and White floorplans are additionally £29.99 as a one time fee. or £34.99 branded in your brand. All prices are also Ex-VAT and you should consider the additional VAT charge of 20% that will be added on-top.

To give some ideas around this: an average house in the UK is about 650 square feet (according to google on a quick search) that equates to an average starting price for residential matterport tours of: £45.50-£65.00 plus your monthly charge of £7.99 pcm which can be cancelled at anytime.
The average commerical / retail unit the UK is reported as 2100 square feet. Making the commercial costings in the region of £210.00 – £357.00 plus your monthly charge of £7.99 pcm.

If you would like to know more about our pricing please contact us and we can provide a quote: Speak to Carl on: 07815721375

More About Matterport

There’s plenty of Matterport Virtual Tours online available for people to see on their online gallery. The link to their gallery is available here. Matterport can be found at: and if you are looking to purchase a camera, you can find this at

Once you become a MSP, you will have access to your own private portal where you can manage your tours which is found on and you will also have access to co-branded material for your advertising too. This portal is on but you will need to be signed up and registered as a MSP before you can register for access to this.

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