Pay Per Click Advertising

We make every penny of your advertising spend, go that little extra mile.
Start generating more traffic and leads today!

Pay Per Click Advertising
We make every penny on your advertising spend, go that little bit further
Start generating more traffic and leads with our PPC campaigns

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

Pay Per Click Advertising

Attract new clients to your business using paid advertising on search results. PPC means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, making it one of the most cost effective ways to advertise and deliver fast results


Using Target Re-Marketing techniques, we can decrease bounce rates and increase your lead conversions. Smarter marketing allows for deeper analytics on why people leave and come back to your website

Start Up PPC

New to PPC, not a problem. When your business starts out, you will not have organic traffic. This usually means working with PPC in the intial stages to drive traffic to your brand. We can get you where you need to be.

PPC Audit

Already paying for PPC services? Concerned about the costs or the impact that invest is having? Our team will happily take a look and see if there is a better way we can apply PPC budgets to maximise your return on investment

Why choose us for your Pay Per Click Advertising?

Using many different platforms, we follow, track and monitor the CPC and click through rates for your website. We understand what key search terms people are using to identify your business market, and place advertisements on these search terms. 
For example: “Mechanic near me” (at the time of creating this content) is searched for 18,000 times per month in the UK. There are currently no ads on this term? Meaning the cost per click advert is around £1.00 – Snap that up if your a mechanic, however if we use “Website design” as a comparison with 74,000 views per month, the CPC rate is £10.00-12.00 Per Click.

By monitoring the cost per click and your search volumes, we can identify unique areas to advertise your business online Spotting gaps in advertising is a key element to our PPC advertising campaign and we do not always go for the obvious search terms. Sometimes lots of little adverts on smaller traffic volume search terms can produce a higher return for less investment in advertising. 
We approach this by working closely with your team to understand your budgets, objectives and how you would like us to maximise your PPC return. We look after our clients and ensure that they are getting value for money when it comes to PPC.

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What does PPC Stand For?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This is a form of advertising on search engines where your advert will be placed at the top of chosen targeted search terms. 

Why am I not seeing my PPC advert?

It could be a number of reasons. Firslty we should check your account to esnure it is running, we also need to understand that the CPC (cost per click) may have changed and your bid for this is lower than the average price. To be competitive on a search term, we need to review the CPC regular and ensure that the advert bid is higher than the average amount. This maximise the amount of time your ad will be seen.

Why is my advert not the top advert?

Simple, someone is likely to be bidding higher than you. Unfortunately you will not know how much by, so we would suggest slow incremental increases to your bid on CPC until your advert is higher.

I see my competition everywhere? how do we do that?

They may be paying more per click, or advertsing at a bigger level than you. Let our team take a look and we can investigate where they are showing up and how to make your business compete with them.

What is CPC?

CPC stands for cost per click. it is the bidding process where you can set the amount you are willing to pay for each click. The higher the bid, the further up the ads you will appear in a competitive search term. 

Why is my CPC price constantly changing?

CPC values change depending on the average bid. If there is an influx in ads on the search term, this will likely result in a increase of CPC. On the other hand, if competition dropped and the number of adverts dropped, the CPC value will lower.

Is Bing & Yahoo Ads worth it?

Yes. There are still millions of UK users for Bing and Yahoo. Using these as platforms can work out more cost effective for your ad spends as these search engines are less competitive.

Should we bid on our brand name?

Yes, that way you are always at the top of search terms for your business. Companies can bid on your name and search term to be competitive and try to poach your click throughs. its worth investigating if this is happening to you.