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So you’ve set up your LinkedIn profile to the best of your ability and you’ve spent a good amount of time crafting a network of relevant people, making sure that each and every person has a reason for being in your network. What’s next? Posting valuable content on LinkedIn.

The content that you put out on LinkedIn needs to have a good amount of thought behind it, unlike some other social media platforms. For example you may see a picture on Facebook of a sunset and a somewhat cheesy quote which hits a chord with you and decide to share it, you get some likes and maybe even a few comments and that’s that. However, with LinkedIn you would get very little engagement and potentially even leave a bad impression with a few of your connections. This article will be about what sort of content is best to put on LinkedIn to keep your network fresh and up to date with you and your business. There are several different ways to post on LinkedIn – to refresh your memory take a look at this article on

Posts that add value

The number one thing that should be on your mind with the majority of your posts is that you need to add value in some way or another. The more likes, comments and shares that each of your posts generate will increase the reach and exposure of your brand. Infographics and videos are perfect for this sort of content as you can provide top quality information in an easy to digest format, which your connections will appreciate and want to share. Adding value is all about provoking a positive reaction within the reader by informing, inspiring and providing insights. Furthermore, sharing industry specific facts and figures will portray you as an expert within your field. You can take this opportunity to showcase your personality by providing your own opinion on the data, making you more approachable and personal. Neil Patel has some fantastic advice on posting engaging content here:

Action Points:

  • Share an article you read which resonated with you and provide a comment on why and how it affected you.
  • Post an image or infographic of a product or service you use explaining how it helps with a certain aspect of your role. This doesn’t have to be a product or service that you provide, just something that you can sing the praises of and think will help other people.
  • Create a post talking about a recent event which has had an impact on your day to day business life and encourage discussion within the comments section.

Efficiently introducing links

It’s important to keep in mind that when creating a text post that will contain links to additional information, you need to be clear and concise with the text before the link. Introduce the information in a way that keeps the reader hooked, and don’t waffle on about something barely related. The information that you’re sharing may be insightful and valuable to a lot of your network, which is why you don’t want your reader to switch off before they get to the link.

Action Point:

  • Signpost what your link is about, what problem it solves and who It helps.


Infographics are a fantastic way of sharing valuable information with your audience and are used across a vast number of social media platforms. The danger with infographics is making them look too generic and boring, so they won’t stand out. A good idea is to team up with a graphic designer to display some data you may have collected and give it a professional look with your business branding and colours. You could include pictures from a recent networking event or conference which you attended and tag some of the people that you made a connection with. This all helps to be more inclusive and engaging with your network and will help you to stand out.

LinkedIn posts on laptop
LinkedIn posts on laptop

Press Coverage

Finally, one of the most effective things you can post on LinkedIn is press coverage your company has received. Not only does this provide massive social proofing but it’ll provide a unique insight into your company for a lot of your network and will look fantastic for any potential clients that may be looking you up before getting in touch with you.

Action Point:

  • When sharing press coverage, it’s very important to come across as humble and grateful instead of brash and arrogant! This can make or break the post, so make sure you spend a bit of time viewing your post as someone who may never have heard of your company before, and form an opinion they might hold before you post it.

It’s important to pay attention and curate a good bank of insightful content on LinkedIn. Always keep in mind that you want to provide value in an easy to digest, concise format for your connections to take advantage of. Furthermore, If you use LinkedIn as a lead generation platform then it becomes even more important, as you’ll be more engaged with potential clients and they won’t view you as just a salesperson.

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