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Keyword Research Service

Keyword Research Service


Understanding your keywords is possibly one of the most important tasks that your business can do each year. Having a clear strategy based around keywords can be the difference between you and the competition. Our keyword consultancy service is designed to show you how well your current keywords perform, what works for your competitors and suggestive opportunities available to your business


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Our Keyword research provides clients with a greater understanding of how they can increase the opportunity of being found online. Most companies understand traffic is required to convert to to clients, however how to do ensure that the traffic is coming? What would you say if we can show you how to potentially maximise that traffic and in turn your opportunity?

This consultancy service will allow you to see how well your site is doing. We compare similar data from your competitors and create a keyword strategy that will get your business found online. We will look closley at your search volume performance, search rankings, click through’s and bounce back ratings. All tools which help identify where your website problems are and we advise how you can get these fixed.