Ubersuggest is a free online tool which will help you generate keyword ideas to improve and expand your content marketing strategy. Whether you’re writing blog posts or trying to emulate your competitor’s success, UberSuggest has the tools to help you on your way.

In this article we will cover the different areas of the website and how you can use the different tools and searches on offer to take your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) rankings to the next level.

The Overview

The first page you’ll see on UberSuggest will have a search bar and a location drop down menu next to it. Make sure that you’ve selected the correct country for your search, which will most likely be the country in which your business operates. Be sure to alter this accordingly if you’re a part of a large company which operates in multiple countries.

You can search for keywords or a domain name to get more information. I will be using “UberSuggest” as my keyword.


Screenshot showing UberSuggest as a Keyword on www.Neilpatel.com

You’ll now have access to plenty of information about the keyword including Search Volume, SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) difficulty, and the Cost Per Click.

Scroll down and you’ll see a more in-depth analysis of the traffic, such as the volume split between mobile and desktop users and how many clicks are due to the SEO results compared to SEM results.

All this information is only useful if it’s put into action. For example, if 90% of your customers use their mobile to browse your website and your website hasn’t been optimised for mobile, then you know this is an area you can work on to improve your customers’ experience.

Furthermore, UberSuggest will show you roughly how many backlinks (other websites linking to your website) are needed in order to rank in the top 10 search engine results.

Keyword Ideas

Use keyword ideas to see keywords related to the one you originally searched for.

If you use a variety of keywords based on the information given here you can capture the largest, most relevant audience possible. You can further break down the ideas into categories such as Related, Questions, Prepositions and Comparisons to give you a wider range of options.

The columns labelled “PD” and “SD” show you the level of competition for each keyword. Do not overlook this. It is sometimes a good idea to put less emphasis on keywords with a lot of competition and instead focus on words which have less search volume, but also have less competition. Doing so means you have better access to a smaller audience, rather than less access to a larger audience.

Making changes to your SEO strategy such as this can amount to big changes in the amount of traffic you receive over time, so it’s worthwhile searching the keyword ideas for less competitive search terms.


Screenshot showing keyword ideas for the keyword UberSuggest, Including: Search Volume, Cost Per Click and Paid and Organic competition difficulty

Content Ideas

The Content ideas section is a fantastic way to keep up with your competition and improve your SEO rankings.

This section will show you what kind of blogs or social media posts people are looking at which are related to your keyword. You can see how many shares they’ve had on different platforms, how many backlinks those posts or blogs have, and what sort of traffic they’re getting.

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas on what to post on your website, this tool will be extremely valuable for you. It allows you to identify exactly what sort of posts your customers are already searching for and how well your competitors are performing.

All you have to do is improve upon the content which is already available to your customers and make sure your posts are as optimised as they can be.

You can do this by:


  1. Include popular and effective keywords: This will maximise your audience.
  2. Have the correct number of backlinks. This encourages a better Domain Score.
  3. Keep your content relevant. You don’t want uninterested visitors to come to your website. Especially if you’re running a SEM Campaign as well.

Over time your rankings will increase, and you’ll drive more and more traffic to your website.

Traffic Analyser

Now we’ve covered the Keyword analytical tools, we will take a look at the Traffic Analyser for domains. I’ll be using the domain www.neilpatel.com

At the top of the page you will see how the website is performing in terms of its overall Domain Score, Keywords and Backlinks. You can see that this website has over 3.6m visits per month through organic traffic.

If this site was your competition, you could use the following tools to analyse exactly what pages and keywords they’re using to generate such a high amount of traffic, and then recreate it on your own website as you know this content drives high amounts of traffic.


Screenshot showing information on www.neilpatel.com as a domain name on UberSuggest. Including Organic Keywords, Organic Monthly Traffic, Domain Score and Backlinks

Top Pages

This tool is a gold mine for being able to see exactly what content your competition is ranking for when it comes to SEO.

It shows you their most popular blogs, how many visits they are getting per month and how many shares they’re getting on social media. This will give you plenty of ideas for the content you should be posting and what sort of content you should be avoiding.

The Keyword analyser lets you know which keywords a domain is targeting and the monthly search volumes they achieve. Again, you can use this to your advantage and be very precise about which keywords you are going to target.


Screenshot showing the top pages in terms of search engine optimisation ranking for the website www.neilpatel.com

Site Audit

The site audit is valuable tool when it comes to analysing your website’s performance. It will break down any issues your website may be facing when it comes to generating SEO traffic and will prioritise recommendations on what to focus on first, based upon which fixes will give the biggest increase to your traffic.

You will see breakdowns pertaining to the speed of your website and general issues that effect your SEO score. Having access to this information will ensure that you’re not unknowingly deterring customers from browsing your website.

Use this audit on a monthly basis to keep up to date with any potential SEO errors that may have sprung up.


Screenshot showing a site audit for www.neilpatel.com. Including, Health Check, Speed Check, Critical Errors and Recommendations.


Now that you’ve seen the amount of free analytical tools you have access to by using UberSuggest you can see why it’s such a valuable asset when it comes to improving your website’s SEO rankings.

Use this website whenever you’re making changes to your website. Whether you’re writing a new blog or editing an “About Us” page, you want to make sure the alterations you’re making will benefit your website’s rankings.

There are other websites like UberSuggest that will give you similar information, but they won’t be free. This is why we would recommend you use UberSuggest to begin with, and if you find that you are wanting for a more in depth amount of information, you can start to look at paid services.

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