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Search Engine Optimisation

Our team have been trained by some of the best SEO experts around. We work through your keywords, meta data and your business directories to ensure that we build great domains putting you on-track to a brand that obtains a good domain authority score

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Also known and called “SEO” (search engine optimisation), this is the art of making your website, pages, artiles and blogs optimised to get the best results on todays modern search engines such as GoogleYahoo and Bing. SEO on your website is possibly the most important process due to its impact on your business. Simply put, this is how your website gets found online and the work that is conducted around this is what makes up your “organic” traffic (free and unpaid for website visitors)

We use dozens of tools to understand your SEO requirements:

The hidden world of SEO isnt always obvious to see.  Thats why we use some industries most powerful tools to identify your issues in our SEO review processes.

The key to SEO is in the research

There are many areas that make up effective SEO services and we can assist you every step of the way to a succesful website. Get this right, and your website will recieve traffic naturally and could save you thousands of pounds in advertising or PPC (pay per click) spend at a later date. Thats how important this can be to your business, so its worth taking the time to understand it.

Our SEO Experts will explore a lot of things that make your website work behind the scenes. Understanding the data is what makes our team experts in our field.
(We’ve added Wikipedia links to these if you wish to know more about these topics)

Creating a fast and responsive website speed

Google Page Speed

Our goal is to build or modify your website to increase something called domain authority. This will take time but there are a number of factors that need to be addressed. One of the key factors we will look at is your website speed and a great tool to show this is on Google’s page speed checker. We look at everything from your hosting provider and their speeds, all the way to how fast the code on your website runs. Our team manually work through your code, plugins and functions to ensure a fast website that search engines like google like. Speed is a major contributing factor when search engines are ranking your website, so its crutial your website runs as effeciently as possible at all times.

When can you see results?

As you can imagine, this is not a quick win service.
Whilst its true that some checks and resolves take less time than others to complete, we advise all our clients that professional SEO services can take between 3-6 months to complete, with your best results being seen around month 9. 

We do offer a month by month service, however it is important to manage your expectations of what can be achieved. This is not down to workload, but more around the time frames it takes for search engines to monitor and react to the changes we make along the way.

In an effort to support our clients with SEO services over a sustained period of time, we offer discount for 6 month and 12 month contracts.

Note: SEO Services is the art of getting traffic to your website. We assist our clients in understanding the difference between traffic and conversions and we always complete a conversion audit for our clients so that they can see where their website provides leads and where it doesnt.

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