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Social Media Services

Start building a following and engage with new audiences.
We plan, create and post and advertise on behalf of dozens of companies

Social Media Services
Start building a following and engage with new audiences.
We plan, create and post and advertise on behalf of dozens of companies

Social Media Services

(SMM) Social Media Management

Hassle free social media solution. We plan, create and schedule everything - making it easier for your business to manage social media

Pixel Set-Up

This service is required in order to utilise the re-target marketing functions in your social advertising. This is a quick and easy service that can be completed fast.

Re-Target Marketing

Target adverts directly to people that have been on your website. By re-targeting previous visitors, you can increase your chance of converting via social media.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management services is where we like, and communicate - acting on behalf of a client. This allows you to focus more on your business

Social Media Paid Advertising

Boosting posts is not as advanced as campaigns. Understanding how to maximise your campaign spend, our team will get you a great ROI for your social ad spend.

Influencer Campaigns

Take your social reach to the next level. Our team will engage with influencers on your behalf and grow your audience reach. By doing this, your brand can be seen by thousands overnight

LinkedIn Sales Nav

Our team can help you generate new leads by utilising the LinkedIn Sales Nav solution. This managed service allows us to find, promote your business to leaders and specific roles

Lead Generation

Our managed lead generation platfrom can syncronise with your social media to track and understand the "WHO" is visiting your site along with the ability to identify hot leads by profiling your visitors

Why should you outsource your social media marketing?

The main reason companies outsource their social media is due to time. It take a lot of effort to strategise, create the artwork, schedule the posts and arrange the advertising campaigns – and thats just the planning and distribution. Once your posts are out there, you are still required to interact and respond within 24 hours. It can all get a bit too much. Its why we created our hassle free social media management program in the first place.

With over 58% of the UK population now engaged on social media daily, its a market that your business can not afford to ignore or only do when you get the chance. When done right, social media will attract new clients or customers to your brand either directly, or to your website.  The only question is often, are we in a position to be able to afford social media management.

Our team of social media experts are fully experienced in all areas of social media. From creating blogs, posts, events, articles, job listings, re-targetmarketing, influencer marketing – you name it, they have done it. We offer our services in two ways. a) We can manage everything for you – which is usually the best option for most clients, or b) We can train your team on how to do social media effectively. Whilst this is a longer route to success, you will get more savings in as a longer term investment.

Talk to a member of our team and we will be happy to help get your social media up and running.

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What is Social Media Management

Social Media Management is where an agency takes control over your social media accounts, creates a strategy around your brand, creates the posts and schedules them. Where applicable, social media boosts and ad spend will be assigned to these posts by the agency using advanced targeting methods. If you engage in socail media management, you will see more continuity in your social media platforms, which in return – along with decent content, will drive more followers and engage with more people online.

Do you do the posting for us?

Yes, we act on your behalf using our scheduling tool to esnure regularity of your posts. We also monitor the best time to post based on your followers interaction with your posts, meaning we can learn more about your followers habits and utilise that to our advantage with post timings

What platforms do you manage?

We manage Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest, Youtube, GoogleMyBusiness & Vimeo.

Do you engage with our followers?

Engaging with your followers is a bolt on to the social media management service called reputation management. This allows us to act and manage on your behalf directly engaging as if it was your own business. This is a seperate service as we place great attention on ensuring we understand your business before we engage.

Do you respond and like comments?

As mentioned above, we can respond to comments and likes. Typically we will like comments inclusive of the social media management service, however if you wish for comments and responces, you will need to purchase the Reputation Management service at the same time as the social media management package.

Is there an authorisation process?

This is entirely up to you. We can fit one or two levels of authorisation to the process allowing everyone peace of mind that the social media posts are fit for purpose before we send to our scheduler. It is worth noting that the more authorisation required the longer the approval process typically takes, meaning we would prefer working 2-3 months in advance where approval process are required. 

Can we still post when we want to?

Yes, for sure! Its your business and social channels. We would never stop you being able to post. It actually works out better if you continue to do so with Ad-hoc posts that are spontanius. That way your readers will see a more personal approach to your posts.

Do I need to make any content?

You do not need to, but it is preferred that our clients remain engaged with the process. It is harder to produce great content for posts without someone from your business assisting with photographs, case studies, testimonials and other various content that can be used. Each month our team will talk to your business and discuss the strategy so we will always request things well in advance so that your not rushed or your schedule is impacted.

How many posts do you suggest?

This really depends on your business, the budgets you have and the industry you are in. Our team will advise you on what the industry average posts per month are. From there we build out a strategy for you. A good starting place is 3 posts per week on all platforms, but its also noted that doing just one platform really well can work in your favour. 

How do I know if my social media is working?

We have all the analytics you need to see that the Social Media Strategy is working. At anytime our team will be happy to assist you in udnerstanding the performance of your social media.