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Understand your competition better through keyword research!

Well, let me start by saying that the first time this was done in front of me, I could not believe my eyes. It seems such an obvious choice / thing to check in your marketing campaign, but it goes unchecked quite often. I would personally urge any clients of ours to do this as you can be quite blown away.

Last week we showed how you can get hold of any keyword data online. We randomly entered a number of local and national keywords on the hope to identify the higher performing search results which we did. It allowed us to focus our SEO keywords when building our website. You can see that article here.

This week, we went a different route and asked for a list of keywords that a site was currently using. It took just 30 seconds to get hold of hundreds of keywords used on our client’s website and then just another few moments to get hold of my client’s competitors website keywords. Put them together on a spreadsheet and we get a oversight of the differences online between two companies. Its understanding that data, the overlap and the opportunities this presents that will set your marketing campaigns apart.

In this example: the two companies are practically the same on paper. Similar catchment area, same industry, same offers, services etc… The only difference is one was doing better than the other. In this case, my client wasn’t doing as well as the competition. It surprised us that the two companies were only using just 34 of the same keywords that’s just 23% of the keywords. This presents a few things that we look at and strategize with going forward.

The key areas that we really like from this exercise is that we can see where our clients can impact the competition either by PPC adverts or by Organic SEO targeting. But the biggest thing we take is the learnings, apply them to our client and this in the longer term makes our clients more competitive. If the competitors are engaging in SEO campaigns or Targeting a specific URL/service, that can also be identified using this technique.

It’s fast become a hit with our clients and we are willing to do this for other clients too. Just get in touch if you want to know about your keywords, how you can do better online and more importantly see how your competitors stack up against your business online.

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