We build our websites from data and conversion techniques

Our website experts look at over 2000 pieces of data to show you where your site is doing well, and where you could improve. Its all part of our FREE Digital Audit and conversion review!

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Website Design: Websites built from data

We combine years of experience with great foundations that include strong Search Engine Optimisation, Solid Meta Data and Layout structures, as well as Advanced Keyword Research and Backlinks… 

Optimised for Devices

Industry Leading SEO

Advanced Meta Data & Layouts

Keyword Research & Business Listings

What platforms we tend to build on:

Whilst we can code website from RAW CSS and HTML where we do not need a platform for a website, we only do this on request as it is the most costly design style. We typically build our websites on WordPress as it is still the worlds number one choice. We are also familiar with Bootstrap, Elementor, Elegant Themes-Divi, Duda, Canva, Webflow, silverstripe and more…

Speed and Security

Need a faster website load speed? No problem. We are can set up CDN’s (content delivery networks) and boost your speed. We tend to use a combinations between fast hosting servers and CDN providers such as Cloudflare. We can monitor and manage DNS attacks and add extra layers of security to your website with ease and peace of mind that your company is protected.

Fast, Reliable Servers

Added Security Layers

DNS Attack Protection

Cache Settings

Can we build using a pre-made template or theme?

Yes, we can build your site using a number of templates / themes. Whilst we generally prefer to create our own coded and themed sites which allows a more custom apporach to our creations, if there is a theme you are interested in, we can work with you.
That could be that you purchase the theme and we complete the website with that theme, or we can create a similar theme feel from scratch. Some great sources of themes for wordpress are: 
Themeforest & Envato Elements. Feel free to take a look for design ideas and inspiration for your website.

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How do we know that our sites perform?

Whilst design is important because your site needs to look great, the online performance of your website is actually the key ingredient to success. That is why all our websites are ran through our PRO Search Engine Optimisation tools, using industry leading tools such as MOZ and SEMrush. Futher more to that we run our sites through advanced keyword research audits to ensure that your pages are targeting both trending and high volume monthly search results. FInally, at the end of this, we always check your website build for optimisation across all devices and run your websites through a 2000 point check list.

Your business deserves the very best – so we ALWAYS go that extra mile for our clients to ensure they are happy with the end result.

How long does a website take to complete?

That is a good question. Any company that can provide an exact on this is most likely to be over estimating or underestimating the timeframes. The truth is, each and every website is different. We can state and average timeframe of about 2-3 months for most websites, however depending on the complexity of your design, the amount of products and data, number of of pages etc… Your project will be unique. Our team will always keep you in the loop about development and timeframes.

Tell me more about your design processes...

If you would like to know more about our design services, please book a call from us for a no-obligation and FREE consultation about any of your projects or call us directly on 0800 193 0922 Our team will be delighted to help you. Alternatively head over to our blog area where you can see some of our latest blogs and articles about the services we offer.

Other Services That We Offer:

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Management

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